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Want to understand the Japanese crisis and what it means for you?

If you want to understand what is happening in Japan and how much it is affecting global markets and as a direct result, you, take the time to watch the video below of Christine Hughes, President and Chief Investment Strategist at Otterwood Observations and have a look at the infographic below it. Also, in the previous post featuring a talk by Kyle Bass, compelling and incredibly formidable predictions.

Suffice to say, I agree and predict that this situation It is going accelerate out of control and the world economy will suffer dearly. There are many opinions about the ramifications of the actions of the BoJ and its effect on world markets. They all have at least one thing in common: the global economy is about to take another nosedive comprable or worse than the ’08 crisis…. Well maybe not all of them have that in common but I believe this will be the case within the next couple of years at the latest.

As the BoJ prepares to thrill us with even moar in its latest policy meeting (or not as we discussed earlier) and with Amari et al. now jawboning JPY to some extent to control the out-of-control chaos in JGBs, it is perhaps worth taking 20 minutes to comprehend just what all this extreme policy action means. The following brief presentation covers it all in a Kyle-Bass-ian facts-and-fallacies manner, Christine Hughes sums it all up perfectly, for Japan, “The Math Is Stacked Against Japan – It’s Not ‘If’, It’s When.” –


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